Graduation: life changing or just another day?

Attending University can be one of the pinnacle moments in a person’s life. You’ve gone through three or more years of hard work, dedication, sleepless nights and a shit load of alcohol. But here you are, at the final hurdle of student life: Graduation.

Millennial London spoke to several undergraduates who’ve recently graduated about what it was really like for them. From lining up for their cap and gowns to finally walking across that dreaded platform as your name was being read out, carefully trying not to fall over and look like a total idiot. Must be easy right?

Graduation Ceremony at Royal Festival Hall | Alex Clement 

You only really graduate once in a lifetime and it plays a huge part in our lives. We always have some sort of expectation when it comes to what really goes on at a graduation. What are the steps? And how can you picture it before it’s even happened?

“I thought it would be hot, stressful, long and I wouldn’t enjoy it that much” says Jack Leslie, who graduated with a BA in Journalism. “I had been to my sister’s graduation a few days prior, so I had a vague idea of what it’d be like”.

“I assumed it would be more traditional, with inspirational speeches and the whole cliché slow-motion cap toss after which I would feel like a liberated individual” says Laura Grable, a graduate in Public Relations and Advertising. “Although not far from the mark, the actual graduation experience did differ from the more glorified, poetic version I’d had in my head”.

Jack Leslie with Journalism course leader Jim | Jack Leslie 

When it comes to the term graduation, its meaning differs amongst people. “It was the conclusion of this period of my life and my time at university. It’s basically the closing ceremony of your time there” Says Jack. “So I was just thinking of getting it over with”.

Amy Kelly, a recent graduate in Radio Production says “When I thought of graduation, the stereotypical American graduation comes to mind. The massive crowd of people, the mass of students standing around outside posing for photos, and then the throwing of the graduation cap. But when it came to reality it’s quite different”.

“Graduation was like saying, “I was here”, making a marker, moving onwards. The fact of the matter is, life doesn’t stop after graduation and become a chore, life begins. You have all this knowledge and these skills behind you (hopefully) which you can now apply to everyday life” says Laura.

Zynab ML
Zynab Sandhu | Zynab Sandhu

But what matters the most? After spending time thinking of what outfits to wear, how to get to the venue, what restaurants to eat in afterwards? It all boils down to experience and what would the graduates appreciate the most. After all, graduation is a right of passage for some people. So, what advice would they pass down to their fellow undergraduates who will be following in their footsteps?

Jack says to “Go in with a more upbeat attitude and make the most of seeing everyone”.

“Don’t panic” says Amy. “Don’t worry about what you or anyone else is wearing but feel comfortable in your own skin. Feel proud that you’ve finished university”.

Ioana Alazaroae, a recent graduate in Photography and Digital Imaging Technologies says “Don’t be so stressed over your guests being happy, it’s a day in which you’re celebrating something special so enjoy it”.

“Don’t get caught up in the context of the day” says Laura. “Graduation day is for you; it’s a celebration of your hard work. Breathe a sigh of relief and let yourself enjoy the moment. That moment goes by in a flash”.

Ioana ML
Ioana Alazaroae | Ioana Alazaroae 

Graduation takes a toll on anybody attending. The day is a whirlwind of friends, family and a lot (and we mean a lot) of clapping and concentration. But what one thing do these graduates love and appreciate the most? Jack says “Going up on the stage and hearing all my family cheering and shouting. I know it seems silly, but it was a little overwhelming after three years working so hard, to hear their cheers and support. Family is always going to be there for you”.

“When I had my cap and gown fitted beforehand, It felt like a very personal and symbolic moment, perhaps even more than the graduation itself” says Laura. “It’s not every day I have a stranger silently place a heavy cloth on my shoulders and an unusual hat on my head. It felt like I was being crowned, or getting into character before a play”.

Zynab Sandhu, another Journalism graduate says “The moment that I really loved was when we were taking pictures. It makes you feel proud that you’ve achieved something major in your life. Degrees are not easy to get. It marked the end of a chapter, moving on to the next one”.

Laura Grable Graduation png
Laura Grable | Laura Grable 

So what can you expect from your university graduation? Happiness, feeling elevated and being proud of how far you’ve come. Or for it to all finally be over? No more exams, no more deadlines and no more 9am lectures which nobody ever turned up to.

So when it comes to that big day, don’t worry too much about the little things – what to wear, where you should eat afterwards or if your family are getting bored. None of that matters and it shouldn’t be part of the stress you’re already having to face.

Your graduation is exactly that, your graduation. Be proud that you’ve made it this far, all the hard work is out the way. You now have your whole life ahead but this is the part where you decide what to do next.

Graduation is your ticket into adulthood. A new chapter beings and the world is waiting, so what will you do?

Imagine Dragons @ Roundhouse | Review

★★★★★ Imagine Dragons, Roundhouse

For one night only, Imagine Dragons were back and this time they performed at London’s Roundhouse. The evening of 7 June came and things were getting intense. Time ticked on and it soon came to be 9pm, call time for the band yet there was nothing.

Finally, twenty minutes later, as the four-piece from Las Vegas were about to come on, the staging was set and things started to take its shape. A spectacular vision of pink smoke filled the stage as the music for Thunder started to play, taken from their new album Evolve which is due to be released 23 June.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

The last time they toured the UK was back in 2015 with the release of their second album Smoke + Mirrors. Lead singer Dan Reynolds was his usual charismatic self, talking about how all music is simply made up of “peace and love”. He even dedicated their performance of It’s Time to the tragic horrors of the Manchester Attack.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

With applauses and waves of cheering spreading throughout the venue, the band carried on through the night with tracks such as Gold, Whatever it Takes, On Top of the world, I Bet My Life, Amsterdam, Hear Me, Demons and even a cover of Creep and a snippet of Bleeding Out.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

Some songs were unfortunately left out – favourites like Friction, The Fall, Roots and Thief. Each song built up the tension and excitement within the audience. They all went wild to each beat, each melody, each song.

Imagine Dragons’ next tour will be announced soon after the release of Evolve on 23 June.


An Insight into the Agent Carter fan community

It’s clear that the show Agent Carter has a unique fan base. People all over the world have become one massive community celebrating their love for Peggy (played by Hayley Atwell) and her universe. One thing that brought them together is cosplay.

Hayley Atwell as Peggy - Flickr
Hayley Atwell (Peggy) | Flickr 

In London there is a group called Stucky and Peg Legs, which is run by dance teacher Colbert and student Nicole, both 21, who through mutual love of the show, became really good friends.

They formed in October 2015 when Colbert bumped into Captain America and Bucky cosplayers, asking if they wanted to join her at a marvel meet. On the way, they also met more Peggy’s as well as a Howard Stark – this is where Colbert met Nicole. After spending three hours together, they decided they wanted to do it again.

The name of the group was created that same day through wordplay of the character’s names which starting as a joke at first, but because they loved it so much, they stuck with it. “We were like oh, we sound like a 40s jazz band” said Colbert and Nicole.

Sasha's photo
Colbert and Nicole | Sasha Wickenden

Since that first meet up, the numbers have expanded dramatically, and they hold each cosplay meet at every MCM Expo in London. “I don’t know what I would do without these guys, it’s really weird” says Nicole. The pair formed an almost sisterly bond from mutual love of the show and all things vintage.

During Comic Con, the group always aim to meet at a certain point for what Colbert described as “in character shenanigans”. By aiming it around a big Marvel meet, they see more photographers and potentially more cosplayers.

During their meet ups, they do a variety of photoshoots in different Peggt outfits. “Most of the time we take lots of silly photos. We will think what can we do with a lot of Peggys? I know, let’s chase Captain America or let’s pick up Howard and pretend to throw him in the water. You might as well have those funnier photos”.

Group shot ; photo credit to Joseph Leeder
Stucky and Peg Legs | Joseph Leeder 

Whilst some of her outfits and accessories are recreated by different companies, a lot of what she wears is not easily found. Nicole and Colbert have obtained various items she wears relying on sources such as eBay, vintage shops and social media, where fans work together in sharing sources and patterns. When it comes to sourcing the costumes, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating the perfect Agent Carter replica.

Colbert explained that she uses a lot of 80’s clothes because they are quite similar in style, they’re affordable and can be altered for accuracy. The community work together in getting companies on board in creating things they want. Glasses company Old Focals was able to create Peggy’s red sunglasses from high demand.

Group shot; photo credit to Joseph Leeder
Colbert and Nicole | Joseph Leeder 

When talking about the show’s cancellation, both ladies expressed their sadness and how shocked and disappointed they were when they heard the announcement. It had a huge impact on their lives. Nicole says “it’s hard to put into words. I suppose i’ve always been the really shy one that didn’t have a lot of confidence and was kind of always the outsider of the friendship groups”.

Agent Carter has given her confidence to be the person that she is today. “It’s weird that a TV show has had such a positive impact on my life. I can’t just laugh it off as just a TV show, I can’t dismiss it as a silly thing because it’s really changed me”.

When someone brings up the show, Nicole gets excited about what it represents. It gives her the feeling of self worth. “That show was my self-conscious saying you need to cut the crap”.

Colbert fell in love with the character and everything the show represented straight away. “I really love old movies, but Katherine Hepburn never got to be the detective in any of those movies”. Her love for old movies started early on, “I saw Casablanca when I was seven, which is a hard thing to talk to your friends about the next day at school”.

Joseph Leeder
Colbert and Nicole | Joseph Leeder 

That passion for old movies evolved from there, accept everyone around her didn’t understand the interest. “I used to think all adults knew what black and white movies were and it wasn’t until I got to secondary school that I found out that it was just my parents”.

Being a detective film enthusiast, it had inspired her own idea for a film involving a female lead detective beating men up to swing music. “It got to that scene in season one where she is beating up the guys in the diner to Peggy Lee and I started crying because for me, this is the happiest I will ever be”.

Agent Carter has become more than a TV show, it’s become a movement. It has given fans a strong female heroine to admire with the power of showing them they can do, and be who they want. It’s one of the first shows of its kind that is female led without being overly romanced. Instead, focusing mainly on issues of the time that still occur today, which include sexism and racism.

Mark Saint
Mourning Peggy | Mark Saint 

It carries a lot of empowering messages for women. Nicole emphasised that when watching the show, you can’t afford to miss anything. “If you miss a line you won’t understand what’s going on. If you miss the joke or you miss the statement that they’e making or miss a line, you miss the context completely”. Colbert highlighted that it addressed feminist issues in a non-aggressive way and showed a happier representation of the time, “a lot of vintage shows are afraid to be funny”.

It created a community of strong, kind and empowering young women with passion for the show running in their veins

Cosplayers around the world

Jessica, 26 from Italy – Angie Cosplayer

“The show is proof that women face many adversities because of men, yet they accomplish great things”.

Jessica 26
Angie Cosplay | Jessica 

Alana, 22 from New York – Peggy and Captain America Cosplayer

“Peggy Carter appeared at a time in my life where I was really low and going through a lot of personal things”.

Lana 22 Cap America
Captain America Cosplay | Alana 

Take a magical break | Explore the world of MinaLima 

When living in London, you stumble upon a plethora of intriguing places you might never have seen before, one of them is House of MinaLima.

House of MinaLima | Alex Clement

As a Harry Potter enthusiast, this place is simply magical and a perfect little trip on your day out in central London, or as a short stop in-between your theatre visit to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. House of MinaLima is an exhibition and a shop filled to the brim with art and design from all films in the Harry Potter series, as well as other works by MinaLima.

The duo consists of Miraphora (Mina) and Eduardo (Lima). They met on the set of Harry Potter and since then, they’ve become the perfect pair. Their artwork is made up of three separate items; the original art and prints for the Harry Potter series, books and stationery for the Woop Studios Collective Noun Series, as well as their own MinaLima Collection.

House of MinaLima | Alex Clement

As someone who has loved Harry Potter since the age of nine, it was a surprise to find out this little shop is just around the corner from the Palace Theatre. The exhibit, with its three floors of delight is fun and free.

One of the most beautiful things to see are the floating letters hanging above you, as well as them overflowing in the fireplace. It perfectly captures the Harry Potter essence and is a key element in the films.

Go behind the scenes and relive the magical era of Harry Potter, which now caters to the fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with additional artwork and memorabilia. It’s such a joy to visit MinaLima, it never gets old and it seems like there’s always something new to see.

House of MinaLima | Sarah Louhichi

It’s a phenomenal little place, which is styled like a house from the Harry Potter movies with crooked floors and walls. When you reach the top, you’re automatically filled with delight and relief. You no longer have to climb those daunting wooden stairs or wait for the all clear to enter each room. It’s cute and family friendly, it’s a hit with anyone.

6 things millennials would change about London

London, as we all know, is a diverse and great place to live. It has the sights, the celebrities and the nightlife. But it isn’t all fun and games. If we could, what would we change about this great city of 8.6 million people?

  • The cost of living we all know this to be on the top of our list. Students especially, can rarely afford to move out of their parents’ house or live on their own. And if they can, they’re pretty much living off rice and beans during their entire tenancy, live without a social life, or even hot water. The options few do take is to live in a shared accommodation, which we have to be honest with ourselves, we won’t want to be living in forever.
  • Travel expenses getting to university or work everyday is costly. You’re thinking whether or not it’s worth getting up and even leaving the house. Maybe you’ll just get up earlier and take the bus instead of taking the tube four stops away. It’s only £1.50 after all. And what’s all this nonsense about peak and off-peak times. No thank you, I don’t want to be paying an extra £2 a journey just because I happen to start work at 8am. Let’s follow in the footsteps of Paris, free travel anyone?
  • Tourists when we finally have an inch of summer, all we want to do is relax and spend time with our loved ones. This might involve hanging out in central London, but this can be an issue when it comes to tourists. You have a plan and all you want to do is get from A to B undisturbed, but you can’t. You keep getting stopped and asked for directions to the nearest tube station or to Primark on Oxford Street. You simply don’t need this in your life. It’s called a map or a tour guide for a reason. Let us Londoners get on with our busy lives.
  • Rush hour the last thing you want when you’ve finished work or uni is having to wait ages for a train, and then as soon as one comes- it’s each man for themselves. It’s packed from head to toe. Unfortunately, during the week rush hour hits us from 5 until 7pm. All roads feel like they last forever and public transport is basically a no-go zone. It’s always so cramped that sometimes you’re just too close to one another, and body parts start to touch. If you’re the lucky few who can walk home, we envy you. Whether you drive, take a bus or a train, as soon as it hits 5pm, we bid you good luck.
  • Queuing we all have to wait in line for something in life, whether that’s at the Post Office sending a parcel, in Tesco ready to pay for your shopping or at Tiger Tiger simply wanting to get your drink on. In London, it feels like you’re waiting ten times longer than if you were up North. It’s simply unfair and we won’t tolerate it. Why should we have to wait half an hour just to buy one £9 drink? When we get to the bar, we end up buying three just because we don’t want to be waiting another 30 minutes. There’s just no point in wasting time standing there. It’s just not fun. We want to dance, not stand around willy-nilly.
  • The weather– whether you’re in the South West of England or up North, the weather is simply uncontrollable. But in London, it’s never the same and it’s always unpredictable. One morning it’ll be freezing and an hour or two later, it’ll be 30 degrees and boiling. How can you dress for the day when one half of it you’ll sweat like you’re in a sauna, and the other half you’ll freeze like you’re in the Arctic Circle. What do we wear? Flip flops, shorts and a waterproof coat?

Sadiq Khan, we hope you’re reading this. London is a beautiful and bright city to be apart of, and the 8 million who live here seem to agree with me. It’s just a shame that there are errors within this city that can affect our daily lives.

Student Obsessions | Chapter 3

In chapter three of the series ‘Student Obsessions’, I speak to second year Tourism Planning and Management student Charlie Fleetwood about her obsession; online shopping. 

AC: What would you say is your current obsession?

CF: Definitely online shopping. If I see someone’s “ootd” [outfit of the day] I take an instant liking to it, then I feel the need to search for particular items all over the web.

Jumpsuit from MANGO & white top from ASOS- ©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: Is it just fashion you’re interested in buying, or is there anything else you tend to look out for?

CF: I tend to look at home ware as well, seeing as I’m a student living in my own accommodation now. I like to search for things that would make my place more like a “home away from home”.

AC: What websites do you use the most and why?

CF: My favourite website to use by far is ASOS. It’s simple. They also have different features for example “premier” accounts, which I have. This allows you to have free next day delivery all year round as well as giving you points every time you buy online. Although, I do find this is making me spend more. I also use Misguided and Urban Outfitters.

Fila top from Depop & dungarees from ASOS- ©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: When looking for home ware items, do any websites in particular come to mind?

CF: Ikea mainly, because it fits into my budge. But then I actually like to have a browse on Urban Outfitters as they sell some unique and quirky items too.

AC: How much money would you spend in a typical week just on fashion?

CF: It ranges really, but on average I would say maybe £30/£40 a week. It depends on pay days, and when I have the money.

AC: Who is your fashion icon and why?

CF: Strangely enough I don’t have one specific fashion icon. If I had to choose at this moment in time, it would be Jessica Woodley.

©jessicaannewoodley Instagram

AC: What’s the most expensive fashion item you’ve bought recently?

CF: I’m not a big spender, but when my favourite upmarket brands have sales then I do tend to indulge. My recent purchase was from Kurt Geiger, a small black handbag which actually twins my big one, which I got in the sale for £40.

AC: What would you say is the best thing about living in London?

CF: It’s just so easy to hop on and off the tube wherever you choose. To have the ability to go to multiple areas in one day. For example once I went to Westfield’s, I couldn’t find an item I wanted so I headed back to Oxford street.

©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: What advice would you give to current students with an obsession?

CF: If it’s an obsession that requires funding or for you to spend money, then my advice would be to learn how to budget yourself. £10 here and there does add up in the end.

AC: How would you sum up your experience as a student with an obsession in a few words?

CF: Excited for the day when having new clothes.

Student Obsessions | Chapter 2

In chapter two of the series ‘Student Obsessions’, I speak to third year Journalism student Sasha Wickenden about her obsession; Director, Producer and Animator, Tim Burton.

©Sasha Wickenden

AC: What would you say is your current obsession?

SW: At the moment I am obsessed with everything Tim Burton. He’s my favourite director.

AC: Why are you so obsessed with him?

SW: With the release of his new movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, it’s really heightened my excitement for something new.

AC: When did you start to realise that Tim Burton was your favourite director? And how long have you liked him for?

SW: I don’t remember exactly, but I know I’ve been very much in love with his work for the past two years. My love for his films comes together with my love for Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, because they have all worked together so much in the past.

AC: What are some of your favourite films directed by him, and why?

SW: I would have to say Sweeney Todd, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Frankenweenie, Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland and Corpse Bride. I love these films because pretty much all of them focus on misfits, creepiness and a lot of weirdness, and I can relate with many of the characters. His animation style is so beautiful and unique; there is nothing else like it. Tim has cast some talented and versatile actors such as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Conan and Winona Ryder. These people have played some of Tim’s most memorable and quirky characters that I’ve come to love. Like Winona Ryder said at Tim’s hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese theatre in Hollywood; “His heroes are the very outcasts he loves”.

AC: Have you ever had the chance to meet Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp? If so where & when was that?

SW: I’ve met all three of them. Johnny Depp three times though. The first time was at the Mordecai premiere last year. The second time was at the premiere of Black Mass. Shortly after Johnny arrived, I told him how much I love his work and that I had camped to meet him. He was so shocked and flattered. He laughed whilst saying “you’re mad”.  It was honestly one the best moments of my life. The third time was at the Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere in May of this year. I also met Tim at this premier, which I had been preparing myself for. He was so kind and took a photo with me. I met Helena once before, but I was disappointed. It was at the Cinderella premiere but she was being rushed, so I never got to have a photo with her.

©Sasha Wickenden

AC: What advice would you give to current students with an obsession?

SW: Try and find a way to make your obsession a possibly career path. For me, attending premieres and having an interest in blogging meant I had my niche. I now have a blog where I talk about the premieres that I go to, as well as live tweeting about them. I hope that I can turn this into a possible career one day.

AC: How do you handle student life with your need of attending premiers?

SW: It can be annoying sometimes because some premieres I have to miss because it clashes with my classes and deadlines, but overall I’m quite lucky. I can go to them on my days off, or I just turn up after class. Having a balance works pretty well for me.

AC: What would you say is the best thing about living in London?

SW: There are a lot of opportunities everywhere you go, and there’s always something fun and exciting around the corner.

AC: What film is coming out that you really want to see?

SW: I’m very excited for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and the remake of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson as Belle.

AC: How would you sum up your experience as a student with an obsession in a few words?

SW: Self-discovering, first hand experience and extremely passionate.

You can check out Sasha’s blog here and follow her on Twitter.


Student Obsessions | Chapter 1

In this new series, I uncover the truth and find out what it’s really like to be a student with an obsession. In chapter one, I speak to Founder and Editor of Millennial London, Sarah Louhichi, about her obsession; West End Musical, ‘Sunny Afternoon’. 

©Sarah Louhichi

AC: What would you say is your current obsession?

SL: I’m a huge theatre fan, but lately I’ve been obsessed with one show in particular: Sunny Afternoon. I’ve seen it, so far, 34 times.

AC: To people who have no clue, what is the show about? 

SL: It’s the story about the English band, The Kinks, who were around when the Beatles were. The front man of the band, Ray Davies, was involved in making the show. It follows their story and how they got together, how they developed as a band and what issues they encounter. It also tells the story about him and his wife and how they met. All the songs fit so well with the story of the band.

AC: Why are you so obsessed with this particular show? 

SL: Well, there are several reasons. Firstly the show is fucking awesome. It’s such a good show, it’s fun, it’s heart felt and the music is great. It doesn’t really feel like a musical at all when you see it. The way the theatre is designed as well, you’re sitting at the front by tables. It’s like a sixties club and you’re actually watching The Kinks.

©Sarah Louhichi

AC: What drew you to watching this show? How did it first come about for you?

SL: I used to go to this particular theatre (Harold Pinter Theatre) a lot for a different show, so I was already in the theatre scene. So when I found out about the show, after hearing good things about it a year ago, I went and I’ve been hooked ever since. Before I went to see Sunny, I never knew anything about The Kinks. I didn’t know The Kinks existed.

AC: Other than Sunny Afternoon, what other musical or play have you seen at the West End in London?

SL: I’ve seen a lot but recently I saw Kinky Boots, although I prefer plays to musicals. Last week I saw Unfaithful with Matthew Lewis, the week before that I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’m actually going to see the new production of 1984 in a few days, which I’m excited about.

AC: What would you say is your favourite play?

SL: People, Places and Things is my absolute favourite. The main actress, Denise Gough won the Oliver award this year for best actress. It’s such a contemporary play. It just resonates with what’s going on in the world so perfectly, and the issues and problems that people encounter. I would also recommend The Cursed Child. They put so much detail and effort into the show, that even if you didn’t like Harry Potter, you could appreciate the theatrical aspects of it.

AC: So I hear that Sunny Afternoon is finishing next month, but what one thing would you miss the most?

SL: The atmosphere, because what brings me back to the show over and over again, is not one scene or one song or an actor, it’s just everything. I’m outside the theatre and all I want to do is go inside and see it. There’s so much energy and excitement every time I go.

AC: What advice would you give to current students with an obsession?

SL: Go for it, have fun, don’t be ashamed and be proud of your obsession. It’s nice to be passionate about something, because it means you are living your life and enjoying it to the fullest, rather than just sitting at home doing nothing and being lazy.

AC: How do you handle student life with your obsession of having to see this musical at least once a week?

SL: I always make sure University comes first. If I spontaneously buy tickets, then I go straight from Uni. I make sure I’m done with all my work first, and that I don’t have an early class the next day. I just make sure there is a balance between the two.

AC: What would you say is the best thing about living in London?

SL: Everything is so accessible especially with the tube, you can get to every place so quickly and there’s so much to do here, you never get bored. You can always find new ways to do things. As a theatre lover, there is so much more to see than just the popular tourist West End musicals and plays.

AC: What play or musical do you want to see, but haven’t had the chance yet?

SL: I really want to see Les Misérables, Funny Girl (which is sadly ending soon), Aladdin, The Entertainer with Kenneth Branagh, No Man’s Land with Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, and Waiting for Waiting for Godot which is a play about understudies.

AC: These days you get quite a famous cast appearing on the West End from Films and TV shows. Have you ever been to see a show just to see a specific actor?

SL: I went to see The Maids because Uzo Aduba was in it, she’s in Orange is the New Black, and only recently in June I went to see Doctor Faustus, which had Kit Harrington in from Game of Thrones. It’s always interesting to see people from the screen perform live.

©Sarah Louhichi

AC: How would you sum up your experience as a student with an obsession in a few words?

SL: Time consuming, life changing and an incredible experience.

You can see Sarah’s latest post here, follow her on Twitter. Also, check out Sunny Afternoon on Twitter and on their Website.