Imagine Dragons @ Roundhouse | Review

★★★★★ Imagine Dragons, Roundhouse

For one night only, Imagine Dragons were back and this time they performed at London’s Roundhouse. The evening of 7 June came and things were getting intense. Time ticked on and it soon came to be 9pm, call time for the band yet there was nothing.

Finally, twenty minutes later, as the four-piece from Las Vegas were about to come on, the staging was set and things started to take its shape. A spectacular vision of pink smoke filled the stage as the music for Thunder started to play, taken from their new album Evolve which is due to be released 23 June.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

The last time they toured the UK was back in 2015 with the release of their second album Smoke + Mirrors. Lead singer Dan Reynolds was his usual charismatic self, talking about how all music is simply made up of “peace and love”. He even dedicated their performance of It’s Time to the tragic horrors of the Manchester Attack.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement
Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

With applauses and waves of cheering spreading throughout the venue, the band carried on through the night with tracks such as Gold, Whatever it Takes, On Top of the world, I Bet My Life, Amsterdam, Hear Me, Demons and even a cover of Creep and a snippet of Bleeding Out.

Imagine Dragons | Alex Clement

Some songs were unfortunately left out – favourites like Friction, The Fall, Roots and Thief. Each song built up the tension and excitement within the audience. They all went wild to each beat, each melody, each song.

Imagine Dragons’ next tour will be announced soon after the release of Evolve on 23 June.


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