Santa Clarita Diet | Review

★★★★★ Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet may not be a new release in cinemas, but it’s a Netflix original that’s got everyone talking, and maybe even their tastebuds wondering. It’s a dark comedy for those who can tolerate a lot of blood, and maybe even a few guts.

Santa Clarita Diet | Dread Central

This new series, created by Victor Fresco, comprises of ten 30 minute episodes. It has the world hooked and surprised at just how weirdly entertaining it is. The show stars Sheila (played by Drew Barrymore) and her husband Joel, (played by Timothy Olyphant) as real estate agents living in sunny California, along with their teenage daughter Abby (played by Liv Hewson). They’re happy married and a loving family. However, they realise that soon, everything will change and that they’re lives won’t ever be the same again.

Their lives take a turn for the dramatic as Sheila suddenly and inexplicably becomes a zombie, after puking up an inhumanly amount of vomit in the house her and Joel are trying to sell, *awkward.*

The transformation from casual, boring to highly energetic and horny Sheila is astounding. It’s almost as if she’s a completely new person, except for the fact she isn’t and she’s just a dead woman walking. The only downside of all this, she needs to eat human flesh.

When it comes to the jokes, they don’t always turn out to be gut wrenchingly funny. However, the coupling of Barrymore and Olyphant work wonders. The two actors have a bond and an intense onscreen connection, and it’s nice to see both Barrymore and Olyphant in something different than what they’re used to. It’s their chemistry that seem to pull off every single murder joke available, and still have us wanting more. As the episodes draw to its conclusion, there seems to be a lot more swearing, especially comparing it to the start of the show. The first few episodes dabbled provocatively with a few f bombs here and there, but it’s not until you experience the full blown fuck explosion, that you release Barrymore and Olyphant have upped their game on the department of swear words.

A wise word for the audience, don’t eat whilst watching. There is a plethora of blood and guts, and Barrymore doesn’t hold back when it comes to feeding time, she bites down on a man’s arm as if it were steak filet. The Suburban sitcom is no doubt the next zombie show making a hit, and with its current casting; it’s looking doubtful that people won’t want more. Can you call Santa Clarita Diet bingeable? We think so, and very easily too.

*No real humans were harmed in the making of this show*

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