Take a magical break | Explore the world of MinaLima 

When living in London, you stumble upon a plethora of intriguing places you might never have seen before, one of them is House of MinaLima.

House of MinaLima | Alex Clement

As a Harry Potter enthusiast, this place is simply magical and a perfect little trip on your day out in central London, or as a short stop in-between your theatre visit to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. House of MinaLima is an exhibition and a shop filled to the brim with art and design from all films in the Harry Potter series, as well as other works by MinaLima.

The duo consists of Miraphora (Mina) and Eduardo (Lima). They met on the set of Harry Potter and since then, they’ve become the perfect pair. Their artwork is made up of three separate items; the original art and prints for the Harry Potter series, books and stationery for the Woop Studios Collective Noun Series, as well as their own MinaLima Collection.

House of MinaLima | Alex Clement

As someone who has loved Harry Potter since the age of nine, it was a surprise to find out this little shop is just around the corner from the Palace Theatre. The exhibit, with its three floors of delight is fun and free.

One of the most beautiful things to see are the floating letters hanging above you, as well as them overflowing in the fireplace. It perfectly captures the Harry Potter essence and is a key element in the films.

Go behind the scenes and relive the magical era of Harry Potter, which now caters to the fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with additional artwork and memorabilia. It’s such a joy to visit MinaLima, it never gets old and it seems like there’s always something new to see.

House of MinaLima | Sarah Louhichi

It’s a phenomenal little place, which is styled like a house from the Harry Potter movies with crooked floors and walls. When you reach the top, you’re automatically filled with delight and relief. You no longer have to climb those daunting wooden stairs or wait for the all clear to enter each room. It’s cute and family friendly, it’s a hit with anyone.

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