6 things millennials would change about London

London, as we all know, is a diverse and great place to live. It has the sights, the celebrities and the nightlife. But it isn’t all fun and games. If we could, what would we change about this great city of 8.6 million people?

  • The cost of living we all know this to be on the top of our list. Students especially, can rarely afford to move out of their parents’ house or live on their own. And if they can, they’re pretty much living off rice and beans during their entire tenancy, live without a social life, or even hot water. The options few do take is to live in a shared accommodation, which we have to be honest with ourselves, we won’t want to be living in forever.
  • Travel expenses getting to university or work everyday is costly. You’re thinking whether or not it’s worth getting up and even leaving the house. Maybe you’ll just get up earlier and take the bus instead of taking the tube four stops away. It’s only £1.50 after all. And what’s all this nonsense about peak and off-peak times. No thank you, I don’t want to be paying an extra £2 a journey just because I happen to start work at 8am. Let’s follow in the footsteps of Paris, free travel anyone?
  • Tourists when we finally have an inch of summer, all we want to do is relax and spend time with our loved ones. This might involve hanging out in central London, but this can be an issue when it comes to tourists. You have a plan and all you want to do is get from A to B undisturbed, but you can’t. You keep getting stopped and asked for directions to the nearest tube station or to Primark on Oxford Street. You simply don’t need this in your life. It’s called a map or a tour guide for a reason. Let us Londoners get on with our busy lives.
  • Rush hour the last thing you want when you’ve finished work or uni is having to wait ages for a train, and then as soon as one comes- it’s each man for themselves. It’s packed from head to toe. Unfortunately, during the week rush hour hits us from 5 until 7pm. All roads feel like they last forever and public transport is basically a no-go zone. It’s always so cramped that sometimes you’re just too close to one another, and body parts start to touch. If you’re the lucky few who can walk home, we envy you. Whether you drive, take a bus or a train, as soon as it hits 5pm, we bid you good luck.
  • Queuing we all have to wait in line for something in life, whether that’s at the Post Office sending a parcel, in Tesco ready to pay for your shopping or at Tiger Tiger simply wanting to get your drink on. In London, it feels like you’re waiting ten times longer than if you were up North. It’s simply unfair and we won’t tolerate it. Why should we have to wait half an hour just to buy one £9 drink? When we get to the bar, we end up buying three just because we don’t want to be waiting another 30 minutes. There’s just no point in wasting time standing there. It’s just not fun. We want to dance, not stand around willy-nilly.
  • The weather– whether you’re in the South West of England or up North, the weather is simply uncontrollable. But in London, it’s never the same and it’s always unpredictable. One morning it’ll be freezing and an hour or two later, it’ll be 30 degrees and boiling. How can you dress for the day when one half of it you’ll sweat like you’re in a sauna, and the other half you’ll freeze like you’re in the Arctic Circle. What do we wear? Flip flops, shorts and a waterproof coat?

Sadiq Khan, we hope you’re reading this. London is a beautiful and bright city to be apart of, and the 8 million who live here seem to agree with me. It’s just a shame that there are errors within this city that can affect our daily lives.

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