Student Obsessions | Chapter 3

In chapter three of the series ‘Student Obsessions’, I speak to second year Tourism Planning and Management student Charlie Fleetwood about her obsession; online shopping. 

AC: What would you say is your current obsession?

CF: Definitely online shopping. If I see someone’s “ootd” [outfit of the day] I take an instant liking to it, then I feel the need to search for particular items all over the web.

Jumpsuit from MANGO & white top from ASOS- ©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: Is it just fashion you’re interested in buying, or is there anything else you tend to look out for?

CF: I tend to look at home ware as well, seeing as I’m a student living in my own accommodation now. I like to search for things that would make my place more like a “home away from home”.

AC: What websites do you use the most and why?

CF: My favourite website to use by far is ASOS. It’s simple. They also have different features for example “premier” accounts, which I have. This allows you to have free next day delivery all year round as well as giving you points every time you buy online. Although, I do find this is making me spend more. I also use Misguided and Urban Outfitters.

Fila top from Depop & dungarees from ASOS- ©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: When looking for home ware items, do any websites in particular come to mind?

CF: Ikea mainly, because it fits into my budge. But then I actually like to have a browse on Urban Outfitters as they sell some unique and quirky items too.

AC: How much money would you spend in a typical week just on fashion?

CF: It ranges really, but on average I would say maybe £30/£40 a week. It depends on pay days, and when I have the money.

AC: Who is your fashion icon and why?

CF: Strangely enough I don’t have one specific fashion icon. If I had to choose at this moment in time, it would be Jessica Woodley.

©jessicaannewoodley Instagram

AC: What’s the most expensive fashion item you’ve bought recently?

CF: I’m not a big spender, but when my favourite upmarket brands have sales then I do tend to indulge. My recent purchase was from Kurt Geiger, a small black handbag which actually twins my big one, which I got in the sale for £40.

AC: What would you say is the best thing about living in London?

CF: It’s just so easy to hop on and off the tube wherever you choose. To have the ability to go to multiple areas in one day. For example once I went to Westfield’s, I couldn’t find an item I wanted so I headed back to Oxford street.

©Charlie Fleetwood

AC: What advice would you give to current students with an obsession?

CF: If it’s an obsession that requires funding or for you to spend money, then my advice would be to learn how to budget yourself. £10 here and there does add up in the end.

AC: How would you sum up your experience as a student with an obsession in a few words?

CF: Excited for the day when having new clothes.

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